Job Jobse Boiler Room TEN Brussels x Listen!

Bringing the party where ever he goes, it’s Job Jobse back on Boiler Room.

Few DJ’s have worked as hard, earned their stripes as honestly or are as universally loved as Job Jobse. Job is now easily one of the most versatile and in-demand DJ’s around, appearing at festivals and clubs all over the world - while always keeping his feet firmly on the ground. In his time he has left long-standing impressions through the Boiler Room platform with multiple appearances on the Dekmantel X Boiler Room stage, AVA Festival and with b2b outings with the likes of Cinnamon. With all that being said, his inclusion in the ten years of Boiler Room special at Belgium earlier this month fit hand in glove. 

Job is often praised for his diverseness and ability to rise to any occasion and this is what he displayed in full stepping on the stage following Interstellar Funk & Elena Colombi’s impressive b2b. He caters to the local crowd with R&S and Belgian classics alongside some well-informed selections past and present. Along the journey, he walks you through New Beat, Rave, House and Techno with shades of early Trance pushing the intensity to serious prolific highs. Tune in below!  

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