Jordan GCZ & Shawn Rudiman collaborative EP

A transatlantic, analog hardware freak endeavour. 

Jordan GCZ and Shawn Rudiman have teamed up on more than one occasion. They have fully road-tested their collaborative abilities with hardware improvised live sets at the likes of Hot Mass in Pittsburgh as well as Dekmantel Festival alongside fellow Juju & Jordash member Gal. In this affair, the duo turns their attention to a production focussed project resulting in this four-track EP titled AMS > PIT that lands on Love What You Feel. 


A1. Catnip Freak
A2. Hole In The Ground
B1. Too Many Teef In My Mouf
B2. Down To Biz

Across the four tracks, they experiment with electro, house, dub techno and future jazz ideas with very compelling results. ‘Catnip Freak’ is a hard-hitting opening cut taking you back to the early Detroit days while ‘Hole In The Ground’ is a subterranean oddity moving you with its subtle low-end manipulations. Flipping the record over ‘Too Many Teef In My Mouf’ is a breath of fresh air with inviting melodies and slick percussion paving the way for the moody ‘Down To Biz’ which takes things into deep waters. 

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