Legowelt new album

Get through these uncertain times with the latest one from Legowelt ‘Tips For Life’. 

Although he doesn’t form a political stance through his works Legowelt often manages to do a great job in depicting the current times. A great example would be his ‘Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time’ album which landed on Clone’s West Coast Series in 2017, see here. Through the album and track titles, artwork and choice in studio methods Legowelt welcomes you to take a look at the world through his eyes. Releasing in such strange times, one can only think his latest album ‘Tips for Life’ follows these same principles. 

The Sinister Never Deceives 
Dutch Polder Techno 
Your Life Goals Are Slowly Slipping Away 
Color Techno For You And Me 
We Shampoo Your Dreams 
Arcade Breeze (Living In The Rain) 
Dune Is A Great Movie No Matter What People Say 
Buying ZIPdisks In Memphis 
Where You Want To Go 
In The Dominion Of Melchezedik 
Acing The Test

“Yesterday I released a free/pay-what-you-want album on Bandcamp called TIPS FOR LIFE to hopefully brighten your days up a bit. Its Nightwind Records NW023 and its got 12 tracks on it ranging from Slowjam Memphis Rapbeats to Poldertechno and everything in between” - Legowelt

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