Peter Van Hoesen Boiler Room TEN Brussels x Listen!

There was only one artist to call upon for the closing slot of this Boiler Room. 

Over the last several decades Peter Van Hoesen has solidified himself as one of Belgium’s finest tastemakers. Having previously made appearances on Boiler Room in his current home city of Berlin and on the prolific Boiler Room X Dekmantel stage it was about time to see Peter do his thing where it all began in this special ten-year Belgian edition. 

Closing out the night, following on from artists such as Interstellar Funk and Job Jobse, Peter wasted no time getting down to business. He showcased his unique take on techno with heady, leftfield selections that crucially don’t compromise soul and groove–a rarity in current times. Utilising all four decks, he builds captivating layers of sound getting you lost between the beats as he sees fit. It’s Peter Van Hoesen doing what he does best…at his best. Immerse yourself below! 

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