Ron Morelli interview w/ Willie Burns

The New York native is next up on the WT TV podcast.

William Bur­nett aka DJ spec­u­la­tor hosts music-relat­ed guests for an open inter­view mixed with con­ver­sa­tion in his WT TV pod­cast (pre­vi­ous­ly named Talk Video). Through these pod­casts, he aims to unrav­el his guest’s his­to­ry in music and how they got to where they are today in a free form dis­cus­sion. The pod­cast has pre­vi­ous­ly host­ed guests such as Legow­elt, Reg­is, Veron­i­ca Vasic­ka to name a few.

Hav­ing both lived in New York for many years Morel­li and Bur­nett crossed paths fre­quent­ly roam­ing in the same cir­cles with very aligned inter­ests. Over the 2.5hr dis­cus­sion, they touch on Morelli’s time spent in Long Island, work­ing at the pro­lif­ic A1 record store, launch­ing his infa­mous L.I.E.S. label and much more. Tune in below. 

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