Ron Morelli interview w/ Willie Burns

The New York native is next up on the WT TV podcast.

William Burnett aka DJ speculator hosts music-related guests for an open interview mixed with conversation in his WT TV podcast (previously named Talk Video). Through these podcasts, he aims to unravel his guest’s history in music and how they got to where they are today in a free form discussion. The podcast has previously hosted guests such as Legowelt, Regis, Veronica Vasicka to name a few.

Having both lived in New York for many years Morelli and Burnett crossed paths frequently roaming in the same circles with very aligned interests. Over the 2.5hr discussion, they touch on Morelli’s time spent in Long Island, working at the prolific A1 record store, launching his infamous L.I.E.S. label and much more. Tune in below. 

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