Woody92 'Neon Cleptu' 004

"A world located within the minos eye of imagination. Hidden place of beings as contrasted to the spirits."

Woody92’s Neon Clep­tu’ Radio show hits its fourth edi­tion. The bimes­tri­al pro­gramme launched on LYL Radio in Lyon in the back of end of last sum­mer, check out the first show here. Through these trans­mis­sions, he is able to show­case the left­field and trance tinged sides to his arse­nal which he ties togeth­er with a lay­er of son­ic mys­ti­cism accom­pa­nied by his own artwork. 

In this hour affair Woody chan­nels both rit­u­al­is­tic and spir­i­tu­al tones and tex­tures in the open­ing seg­ments of the show. After guid­ing you through a hazy beat­less trip he begins to deploy rhythm fueled cuts drip­ping with gat­ed synths that ooze in the sounds of Goa. Woody92’s sound is like no oth­er, get acquaint­ed below! 

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