Woody92 'Neon Cleptu' 004

A world located within the minos eye of imagination. Hidden place of beings as contrasted to the spirits.” 

Woody92’s ‘Neon Cleptu’ Radio show hits its fourth edition. The bimestrial programme launched on LYL Radio in Lyon in the back of end of last summer, check out the first show here. Through these transmissions, he is able to showcase the leftfield and trance tinged sides to his arsenal which he ties together with a layer of sonic mysticism accompanied by his own artwork. 

In this hour affair Woody channels both ritualistic and spiritual tones and textures in the opening segments of the show. After guiding you through a hazy beatless trip he begins to deploy rhythm fueled cuts dripping with gated synths that ooze in the sounds of Goa. Woody92’s sound is like no other, get acquainted below! 

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