Boiler Room: Woody92 b2b Spekki Webu

Two longtime friends once again lock horns for a special b2b outing. 

Woody & Webu go way back. Their friendship stretches back to their home town, a small city called Delft that lays in between Rotterdam and The Hague where they both formed their paths as an artist. The pair are known for their tripped-out trance, breaks, Goa, and extraterrestrial techno best exemplified in their ‘Theme Of Nevermore’ radio show on Red Light Radio. With an ever building reputation for far left heavy hitters the duo was invited to Boiler Room’s ‘Hard Dance’ edition for a special b2b. 

Under the controls of the DJ booth at the Utrecht based club Was, Woody92 and Spekki Webu closed out the night with two hours of high intensities. Kicking things off around the 145 bpm mark the duo gets busy with an array of unworldly sounds. The bass-heavy gated synthesis of psytrance falls out of the uncompromising rhythms of tribal techno with many sonic bridges sewn together along the way. Expect unnerving noise, dramatic effects and an overriding theme of Hard Dance. 

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