Interstellar Funk & Robert Valera - Devil's Juice EP

A transat­lantic col­lab­o­ra­tion results in 4 tracks of ana­log goodness. 

Inter­stel­lar Funk & Robert Valera roll out a wealth of EBM, dark­wave and acid lean­ing elec­tron­ics in a new instal­ment for Inter­stel­lar Funks label Arti­fi­cial Dance. Devil’s Juice is a split twelve and the result of two ana­log record­ing ses­sions that took place in New York and Ams­ter­dam in 2019.

With its pun­chi­ly slug­gish bassline and churn­ing synth-wave action, Serge’ is straight up dance floor mate­r­i­al boast­ing a con­tem­po­rary take on ear­ly eight­ies dark­wave esthet­ics. Devil’s Juice’ taps in on an equal­ly slow(ish) tem­po, a high­ly infec­tious melody flut­ter­ing play­ful­ly over raw, machine dri­ven rhyth­mic patterns.

On the flip, the two pro­duc­ers switch it up a gear, going full throt­tle on North Sea’, unleash­ing a tor­rent of vir­tu­osic acid-esque synth tweaks and prop­er per­cus­sive fury, strap­ping arps and moody pads. Klan­gin’ ignites the jack fir­ing shrap­nel snares and ruffed-up bass with rotor-jawed atmos­pheres, serv­ing up a gloomy anthem inked with swirling arpeggios.” 

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