#LoopAtHome: Live with Sebastian Mullaert

Join Sebastian Mullaert for a 90min masterclass session as part of Ableton’s Loop 2020 virtual event programme. 

Streamed live from In Discourse studio in Malmö Sweden, this live performance demonstration reflected on the values of improvised creation in all of its manifestations: from concerts, studio sessions, workshops and other activities he is known for. 

Sebastian proceeds to a full breakdown of his live setup and provides a detailed explanation of his performance system and workflow. He shared further insight into his philosophy of improvisation as it relates to: liberation and creative flow, methods that encourage a rich experience while improvising, strategies specific to electronic music software, hardware and collaboration with other musicians. 

The final part of the session was dedicated to a live Q&A session. To top this off they released a public download of Sebastian’s Ableton Live project template, alongside a full construction kit containing an unreleased sketch which is available to download, here.

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