Luke Slater - Berghain Fünfzehn

A special outing for the UK techno legend.

Berghain Fünfzehn sees Luke Slater cre­at­ing new com­po­si­tions from the Ostgut Ton back cat­a­logue, chop­ping, loop­ing tweak­ing and deploy­ing sounds into a mix that is both a play­ful ret­ro­spec­tive of the label and future-fac­ing vision for mix­ing and dance music.

On April 17, sev­en exclu­sive tracks from the Berghain Fünfzehn DJ mix will be released on two 12”s and for streaming/​digital down­load. De- and recon­struct­ing the Ostgut Ton discog­ra­phy, Slater’s vision encom­pass­es not only sam­pling but live elec­tron­ics and impro­vi­sa­tion, result­ing in a broad spec­trum of heady and lim­i­nal dance music: from ultra stripped-back mind­fuck tech­no, vocals and blasts of dis­tor­tion to break­beat excur­sions, min­i­mal­is­tic acid, and rave polyrhythms. In oth­er words: the arc of the label through Slater’s sin­gu­lar hal­lu­ci­na­to­ry prism.

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