New Shifted album coming soon...

'The Dirt On Our Hands' is the fourth album from Shifted.

I wrote The Dirt On Our Hands right before I left Berlin late last year,” Shift­ed told RA over email. I’d been try­ing to write a new record for a while unsuc­cess­ful­ly, I guess I was exhaust­ed of every­thing. Even­tu­al­ly this fell togeth­er over the course of a month or two. I’d become pret­ty obsessed with chang­ing the way my records sound in terms of tone and palette but try­ing to do so with­out loos­ing what it is that defines me.”

These tracks are from the first ses­sions where I felt close to achiev­ing that,” he adds. What I want­ed from this record is a sort of skele­tal hyp­no­tism, just core ele­ments that suck you in over time, and leave room for inter­pre­ta­tion. Hope­ful­ly I’ve come close to achiev­ing that.”

A1. Eso
A2. Traces Rise
B1. Rep­til­ian
B2. Mov­ing Towards The Exits
C1. Cor­rec­tion­al
C2. Taser Cries
D1. No Par­adise
D2. Sharp­en Your Senses

The Dirt On Our Hands fol­lows on from Shift­ed’s lat­est Too Stu­pid To Be Anx­ious EP and will be his first album on his Avian imprint. Test run the albums open­ing cut Eso’ below. 

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