Octo Live Stream: Jordan GCZ

Jordan streams in aid of the HIAS who provide support for refugees of all nationalities, religions, and ethnic origins.

As you may or may not know last month we launched our Octo Live Stream working with our roster of artists who will transmit to you direct from isolation. Each artist will select a charity tackling corona based issues that you can support if possible. Every little helps! In our latest stream, we welcome an artist who is best known for his work in one of the scenes most compelling and daring live acts. As a solo artist, he specialises in the left of centre with works on Rush Hour, Future Times and his own Off Minor Recordings imprint.

Over the course of an hour, Jordan GCZ provided a freeform improvised live extravaganza live from his Amsterdam based studio. From ambient space jazz to off-kilter house workouts he walks you through several different looks. 

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