Octo Live Stream: Tammo Hesselink

Tammo streams in aid of the Blijf Groep who support victims of domestic abuse in The Netherlands.

As you may or may not know last month we launched our Octo Live Stream working with our roster of artists who will transmit to you direct from isolation. Each artist will select a charity tackling corona based issues that you can support if possible. Every little helps! Following on from streams by Gesloten Cirrkel and GiGi FM we welcomed an artist who goes by many names and releases music under several monikers such as ‘The Invariants’ and ‘Melatonin Man’….Tammo Hesselink

Live and direct from his Amsterdam based living room Tammo locked us into a two hour DJ mix of many offerings. Easing you into the trip he commences with warm soundscapes and chiming melodies before finding his way into heavily rhythmic and equally deep selections. As he pushes the tempo Tammo gives insight into his dancefloor focussed material as he toys with House, Techno, Broken Beat and Electro. This one comes in two parts, pt.1 & pt.2.

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