Peter Van Hoesen - Chapter for the Agnostic EP

The next chapter in his label Center 91. 

Since launching his new label Center 91 in 2019 Peter Van Hoesen has stamped out a new concept that looks back to his own experiences of the late 90s Belgian underground. With a heavy focus on extrapolating references from the intensity of the Brussels warehouse raves, Peter has reimagined his early dancefloor escapades with an informed and intuitive contemporary touch. 

A1. Chapter for the Agnostic
A2. Vertical Vertigo 
B1. To Die in the Hands of the Other 

In the labels third release, Chapter for the Agnostic, Peter presents three cuts that have been tried and tested in various venues since late 2019 by the main man himself. A1 features spacious rhythms, swooshing movements and heavily delayed textures. A2 is a straight-up warehouse banger, raw synthesis dominates the frequency spectrum while subtle drum hits march you into a temple of dance. B1 draws a close to the EP with speckled melodies, alien motifs and scattering hits. Tune in for fresh contemporary techno, PVH style.

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