Shifted - Too Stupid To Be Anxious EP

The British heavyweight returns to his Avian imprint with four tracks of dark and mysterious techno.

Shift­ed has a unique way of mak­ing mem­o­rable hooks with­out con­ven­tion­al melodies, which you can hear on Deft Hiss,’ where bursts of sound come in waves, like he’s briefly cut­ting off air before let­ting you breathe again. There are thick, undu­lat­ing bass sounds on Dead Pix­els,’ which is even more suf­fo­cat­ing in com­par­i­son, blan­ket­ing the sound­scape and bring­ing the pres­sure to an almost unbear­able lev­el. Open­er Bark Echo’ has a rolling, metal­lic sound that swings wild­ly around the cen­tral kick drums like a wheel wob­bling off its axis. The exag­ger­at­ed motion is a con­trast from the rest of Too Stu­pid To Be Anx­ious, which con­tains some of Shift­ed’s most rigid, phys­i­cal­ly pow­er­ful tech­no.” Full RA review, here

A1. Bark Echo
A2. Dead Pix­els
B1. Deft Hiss
B2. Octave Down

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