Wata Igarashi launches new label WIP

An imprint for his own output marks new directions for the Japanese icon. 

Wata Igarashi has developed a clear sound of his own. He brings together the euphoric and psychedelic, with his music standing out for its crystalline structures and shimmering intensity. These results have been installed with releases on the likes of The Bunker NY, Bitta and Midgar to name but a few. Now the Japanese techno legend will launch his own label WIP (Wata Igarashi Productions / Work In Progress) to release his own music starting with an EP of cinematic works. 

A1. Clear
B1. Flow

Originally, I planned to start with a series of techno releases, but that is not what I am feeling like now. And so WIP01 is composed of two calmer and more reflective tracks. ‘Clear’ was made during cherry blossom season in Japan; the warmth and beauty of the start of spring inspired me. ‘Flow’ is very simple, I used just five oscillators and wanted to create a feeling of flow, getting lost in frequencies as they modulate organically.”

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