Interstellar Funk Bleep podcast

Rejoice in some club focussed material. 

The Artificial Dance label head serves up the latest entry in the mix series from the London based Bleep. This affair ‘steadily gathers pace across an hour-plus run-time’ with ‘breakneck beat-tracking’, ‘fidgeting rhythms’ and ‘low-slung club tunes’. As Interstellar Funk heads for the finishing line he ‘rounds out the mix with scuzz-techno rollers from Pessimist, Identified Patient and DJ Die Soon & Ecko Bazz.’

I focussed mainly on new and unreleased music that I bought over the last few months. The world is on hold but there is still so much good music coming out. It’s hard to record a club mix in this state of mind and without an audience, but I tried to combine slower music that I like to play at the beginning of the night with some more energetic and faster tracks at the end.”

For full track listing click, here.

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