Jordan GCZ & Terrence Dixon EP

From Amsterdam to Detroit. 

Worlds collide as Amsterdam based Jordan GCZ teams up with Detroit’s Terrence Dixon for ‘a unique combination of talents.’ 

Last September 2019 the two spent a week together in the studio and ‘Outnumbered’ is the first harvested from the sessions. Here we are treated to two stretched-out electronic soundscapes. Deep! Limited pressing..” reports Rush Hour

A. Outnumbered 
B. 2MA 

Already finding praise from the likes of Ben UFO both works result in uber deep, heady hardware jams – exactly what you would expect from these two. Oozing in rich timbres and spacious soundscapes ‘Outnumbered’ is soothing in its tone but bubbles along with warm bass and scatty hits. ‘2MA’ is a more inviting offering than its counterpart. Chiming melodies, synth riffs and chords tangle in orbit of subtle and distant drum work with compelling results. Preview here

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