Legowelt Album: Folk Triumfator

Medieval meets contemporary in this collaborative effort. 

Hot off the heels of his latest solo album, Tips For Life, Legowelt presents another full length – this time under the collaborative project Zandvoort & Uilenbal. Working alongside medieval music expert Jimi Hellinga the pair ‘appropriate historical instruments such as a 19th century Victorian harmonium, a medieval hurdy gurdy, an electro acoustic thumb harp and a mid 20th century German Mixtur Trautonium. These are cross bred with the usual arsenal of contemporary electronic instruments and seasoned with some sinister poetry in their North Sea coast temple of sensory sonic delights.’

1. Safe Sailing For The Galleon Caladrius 
2. But Slowly I Made It My Own 
3. Folk Triumfator 
4. The Ski Resort Was Buried In The Avalanche 
5. Sword Of Sodan Spanned Three Discs 
6. Eis Im Schweizer Panzermuseum 
7. Things They Will Never Tell You 
8. Histoire Ancienne Des Dragons Bleus 
9. Where The Fringes Of Suburbia Recede 
10. Always A Nice Story Before Bedtime 
11. Ooit Eens Aan Deze Kust

We can write how conceptual and arty this all is but let’s just say this is hardcore dark ambient with lots of medieval drone space jazz influences to trip your mind out into a region where time and your opinions cease to exist.

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