Orpheu The Wizard 'Driver's Eye' mix

Step into the eye of the driver. 

For many our depen­dence on music has been high­light­ed great­ly in these cur­rent times. For some, it gets us through the day, oth­ers it soothes the rough edges of our cur­rent real­i­ty and for artists it allows them to con­tin­ue to express them­selves or depict their cur­rent state of being. Among an ever-grow­ing uprise of new mix ideas and con­cepts from iso­la­tion comes a mys­te­ri­ous but intrigu­ing out­ing from Orpheu The Wiz­ard

Titled Dri­ver’s Eye, and accom­pa­nied by this video of a train jour­ney from the dri­vers POV, the mix is a train jour­ney in itself. Over nine­ty-min­utes it ebbs and flows through ambi­ent and rhyth­mic pas­sages with both heal­ing and thought-pro­vok­ing ten­den­cies. Tune in below. 

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