Palms Trax In Focus mix

A new concept from Dekmantel is fronted by Palms Trax

Dekmantel’s new podcast series In Focus has “been brought to life during times of isolation. And what’s better than spending your time diving into new music or DJ-sets from artists you admire? That’s what we thought.” Over the next several weeks they will call upon a selection of artists to provide a mix based around a theme of their choice. To kick things off they have called upon one of their all-time favourite artists and dear friend in Palms Trax

The one and half hour affair is somewhat an ode to New York house legend Joe Claussell. Over the course of the mix, Palms Trax sews together a blend of 100% originals, features, edits and remixes from the Brooklyn born musician.

Palms Trax: “Over the last couple of years I’ve found his music to have this wonderful effect on a dancefloor where the whole place can feel like it’s levitating, so when lockdown hit I started going through his records at home and found it to be incredibly healing. Hopefully, some people out there feel the same way!“.

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