RA Review: Ratsnake - You did it

Ges­loten Cirkels under the radar release gets some love from Res­i­dent Advisor. 

With Band­camp rolling out a series of waived fees’ days where artists would receive 100% of pur­chase there was a lot of unex­pect­ed music that sur­faced. To the joy of ana­log freaks across the globe, Ges­loten Cirkel slid under the radar with a five-track out­ing under his Rat­snake alias titled You did it’. Fol­low­ing its drop, Res­i­dent Advi­sor took to their plat­form to share some words on the release.

We know very lit­tle about Ges­loten Cirkel and even less about his alias Rat­snake, which has resur­faced for the first time since 2014. While mys­tery shrouds his iden­ti­ty, his work is known and loved by his fol­low­ers, who are tak­en by his gran­u­lar elec­tro-influ­enced techno.”

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