SØS Gunver Ryberg EP on AD 93

The first release of 2020 from the Danish experimental artist. 

Following on from her mini-album Entangled on Avian last year, SØS Gunver Ryberg returns with a five-track EP via AD 93 (formerly known as Whities). As an artist, she strives for diversity in expression and maintains values of understanding, openness, conscious listening, humanity and inclusiveness in her work. In this particular outing, she explores “the connection between destruction and creation,” “creation in different shapes” and “life’s complexity and finding a devotion to the flux.”

1. In The Core
2. Solar Flare
3. Mirage Of Spiral Wavelengths 
4. Flux
5. Velvet Dome Of Becoming

Prior to its release on the 29th of May, you can preview the first three cuts. ‘In The Core’ is a mixture of offbeat hits and rhythms littered with broadening strings and pads, ‘Solar Flare’ explores sludging synthesis with an overindulgence of reverberation while ‘Mirage Of Spiral Wavelengths’ is a finely detailed collage of synthesis both bright and dark. Listen below! 

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