Woody92 Neon Cleptu 005

"A fathomless blend of fluid vibrance. Floating through a labyrinth of timeless solitude. Liquid isolation..."

Woody92 is back with his bimes­tri­al pro­gramme air­ing on the LYL Radio. Through these trans­mis­sions, he demon­strates his appre­ci­a­tion and abil­i­ty in the med­i­ta­tive, trib­al, tran­scen­den­tal and trippy. 

The lat­est show from the Dutch­man, episode five, is a well-nav­i­gat­ed trip into the unknown. Guid­ing you through enchant­ed gate­ways of eerie ambi­ence and gur­gling elec­tron­ics in the open­ing chap­ters Woody locks you into an hour of Liq­uid iso­la­tion’. As rhythms are intro­duced around the mid­point, they stay dis­tant through­out their course draw­ing your atten­tion to the tex­tures and tonal­i­ties in the mys­ti­cal lay­ers of sound. Buck­le up and ride along below! 

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