Woody92 Neon Cleptu 005

A fathomless blend of fluid vibrance. Floating through a labyrinth of timeless solitude. Liquid isolation…”

Woody92 is back with his bimestrial programme airing on the LYL Radio. Through these transmissions, he demonstrates his appreciation and ability in the meditative, tribal, transcendental and trippy. 

The latest show from the Dutchman, episode five, is a well-navigated trip into the unknown. Guiding you through enchanted gateways of eerie ambience and gurgling electronics in the opening chapters Woody locks you into an hour of ‘Liquid isolation’. As rhythms are introduced around the midpoint, they stay distant throughout their course drawing your attention to the textures and tonalities in the mystical layers of sound. Buckle up and ride along below! 

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