Bradley Zero Rhythm Section Patreon program

A new initiative for Bradley Zero and his label. 

In the current state of affairs, many of us have been left scratching our heads thinking “What can we do, where do we go from here?”. But even in times of crisis do new creative opportunities surface. With Rhythm Section’s desire ‘to not just release music but to deepen collaboration with its community’ and the notable success of other digital initiatives Bradley found a fitting home on Patreon for the labels next chapter. 

Like many Patreon memberships, patrons will have access to exclusive content and sneak peeks of music and happenings before anyone else. Rhythm Section also plans to give a percentage of their pledges to charity and an option for young artists who may not be able to afford a membership but are still interested in collaborating. However, one of the membership perks that stands out is Rhythm Section’s studio program, where they plan to build a one on one relationship with burgeoning artists, meeting with them every week and giving them feedback on mixes, demos, and even crash courses on starting their own labels.” 

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