Peter Van Hoesen - Illusions of Contribution EP

More of the good stuff from the Belgian tastemaker. 

Peter Van Hoesen returns to his Center 91 imprint with three more compelling works of contemporary techno. This will mark Peter’s fourth release on the label since starting it early last year. Through his latest platform, he looks back towards his own experiences of the late 90s Belgian underground extrapolating references from the intensity of the Brussels warehouse raves. 

1. Illusions of Contribution
2. Exit Strategy
3. Three Steps Forward 

The opening title cut sets the tone for the remainder of the EP with four to the floor rhythms, pulsating synthesis, grainy textures and unpredictable outbursts. ‘Exit Strategy’ gradually unfolds into a hypnotic affair with a dominant lead that ebbs and flows with the support of heavy low ends. The final cut of the release ‘Three Steps Forward’ is a dynamically playful heavy hitter with punching drum work and an array of alien motifs. 

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