Ratsnake - Acidophile EP

Another surprise outing from Gesloten Cirkel under his Ratsnake moniker. 

Gesloten Cirkel celebrated Bandcamps third waived fee’s day with another selection of works via his Ratsnake alias. This follows on from similar releases on Bandcamp’s previous waived fees efforts, one in March and the other in May

1. Thebirth
2. Acidophile
3. Isthisok
4. Zanoza 

The EP lives up to its name, Acidophile, with four cuts oozing in 303 goodness. The opening two tracks are classic freaked out Gesloten Cirkel works; heady synth-heavy jams destined for the dancefloor and in the hands of analog connoisseurs. ‘Isthisok’ and ‘Zanoza ’ veer in two very different directions with the former dropping tempo to form chugging motions and with the latter racing up to the 170 bpm mark in an all-out electronic assault. Get stuck in below. 

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