Shifted C12 stream

C12 & Kiosk Radio invite Shifted for a special streamed event. 

The effects of COVID-19 have effected local music scenes from one side of the globe to the other. For Brussels based nightclub C12 it has put them under immense pressure to be able to see this period through and reopen their doors once normal order has been resumed. In an effort to overcome these difficult times they launched a crowdfunding initiative which included teaming up with local radio station Kiosk Radio for an evening of streams featuring a selection of locally-based artists. Airing last night (Monday, June 29th), the event hosted streams from A. Brehme, Emily Jeanne, Kafim and one of our latest additions to the roster Shifted

Having recently moved to Belgium, from Berlin, Shifted is a new face within the local scene eager to his support. Stepping up for an hour-long transmission he got straight down to business laying out a sonic canvas of unworldly sounds. High octane, metaphysical and relentless are the words that come to mind as he paces you through this contemporary techno affair. Tune in below.  

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