Tammo - Easy To See EP

The fast-rising artist Tammo Hesselink reaffirms his sound with four compelling works. 

For his first release of 2020, Tammo Hesselink returns to the Rotterdam based label Nous’klaer Audio. This follows on from solo outings on the label as Tammo in 2019 and additional releases as Melatonin Man and under collaborative project Dewemer. In this affair, he presents a four-track EP titled ‘Easy To See’. 

A1. Ideomotor
A2. Nearly Symmetrical 
B1. Round 
B2. It Is Easy To See

Across these four works, Tammo further refines his sound from last year’s summer sampler. In the preview of ‘It Is Easy To See’ you will find grainy textures rubbing shoulders with punchy in your face rhythms. He further deploys heavily delayed percussion that dances neatly above an engulfing bass groove and are later met with angelic soundscapes. 

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