DJ Nobu launches Bitta Digital with new EP

The legendary label goes digital.

Like most artists, DJ Nobu has tak­en the past sev­er­al months in his cre­ative stride. With an abun­dance of time for reflec­tion and new­found ideas, the Japan­ese tech­no icon has kept him­self busy. His once vinyl-only label, Bit­ta, now takes a turn into the dig­i­tal mar­ket front­ed by a fresh six-track EP

Since the Coro­na pan­dem­ic doesn’t allow me to DJ or tour, I spent far more amount of time in my stu­dio locat­ed in a remote area. There are no peo­ple around my stu­dio, and the beau­ty of nature and the night sky, which I had­n’t noticed before saved my heart on many occa­sions dur­ing these trou­bled times. I have decid­ed to start a con­sis­tent dig­i­tal-only series as Bit­ta Dig­i­tal to put out what I have made. The first install­ment is an EP con­sist­ing of tracks that express the gen­uine feel­ings that I was going through, and the hope for brighter future after this tur­moil in the form of six tracks com­bin­ing non-beat and mod­ern techno.” 

1. Pro­grade Motion
2. Hoshiku­ki
3. Chagu-Chagu
4. Pud­dle
5. Fick­le Sun
6. An Expanse

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