DJ Nobu launches Bitta Digital with new EP

The legendary label goes digital. 

Like most artists, DJ Nobu has taken the past several months in his creative stride. With an abundance of time for reflection and newfound ideas, the Japanese techno icon has kept himself busy. His once vinyl-only label, Bitta, now takes a turn into the digital market fronted by a fresh six-track EP

Since the Corona pandemic doesn’t allow me to DJ or tour, I spent far more amount of time in my studio located in a remote area. There are no people around my studio, and the beauty of nature and the night sky, which I hadn’t noticed before saved my heart on many occasions during these troubled times. I have decided to start a consistent digital-only series as Bitta Digital to put out what I have made. The first installment is an EP consisting of tracks that express the genuine feelings that I was going through, and the hope for brighter future after this turmoil in the form of six tracks combining non-beat and modern techno.” 

1. Prograde Motion
2. Hoshikuki
3. Chagu-Chagu
4. Puddle
5. Fickle Sun
6. An Expanse

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