Electric Eden NTS Show

w/ Donato Dozzy, Eva Geist & Marco Shuttle. 

At the start of the quarantine period, Donato Dozzy and Eva Geist launched a new radio show on NTS. The show is somewhat a response to the lockdown period focussing on the sounds that have been loyal to them in isolation. Now in its third episode, check out the first and second, the show welcomes its first guest – fellow Italian and Spazio Disponibile artist Marco Shuttle

Airing for two hours late Sunday evening (28th June) the show was divided into two halves. The former was handled by hosts Dozzy and Geist who walk you through a detailed sonic canvas of cinematic sketches and deep ambient timbres provoking thoughts and emotions at every turn. Marco Shuttle runs with the same themes of his counterparts but also guides you through passages of percussion, minimalism and avant-garde. 

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