Function & Peter Van Hoesen Blocaus Series compilation

Parisian label Blo­caus Series ral­lies a wealth of tal­ent to form a 15-track com­pi­la­tion titled Era Novum’. 

On the July 1st 2020, Blo­caus series will release Era Novum’, 15 tracks com­pi­la­tion fea­tur­ing Adri­ana Lopez, AWB, Blue Hour, Bur­den, Clo­tur, Espen Lau­ritzen, Func­tion, Javier Bähr, Keikari, Landwehr & Fleer, Oscar Mulero, Peter Van Hoe­sen, Sur­geon, Thomas Hessler, Vith. A long list of artists that con­tribute to our scene, famil­iar names includ­ing ris­ing tal­ents and true tech­no leg­ends. Era Novum’s sound oscil­lates between of vari­ety of styles, a wide musi­cal spec­trum vary­ing from ambi­ent, deep, hyp­not­ic to raw straight­for­ward tech­no tracks. 15 tran­scen­dent and effec­tive cuts with a dif­fer­ent approach in mind mak­ing this com­pi­la­tion a tru­ly musi­cal expe­ri­ence. Era Novum, a latin name meant new area after the chaos wrought by the coro­n­avirus pan­dem­ic, we are on the cusp of a new era.” 

As stat­ed above the Era Novum fea­tures works from both Func­tion and Peter Van Hoe­sen. Func­tion presents the fine­ly detailed work­out Merid­i­an’ which fus­es soar­ing pads, bub­bling syn­the­sis and four to the floor rhythms result­ing in a media­tive course into the tech­no realm. Peter Van Hoe­sens addi­tion Birds on the Head of a Saint’ is a peak time excur­sion which is a fur­ther reflec­tion of his ware­house focussed out­ings on his Cen­ter 91 imprint – punch­ing rhythms, wild sequences and unpre­dictable at every move­ment. See below!

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