Function & Peter Van Hoesen Blocaus Series compilation

Parisian label Blocaus Series rallies a wealth of talent to form a 15-track compilation titled ‘Era Novum’. 

On the July 1st 2020, Blocaus series will release ‘Era Novum’, 15 tracks compilation featuring Adriana Lopez, AWB, Blue Hour, Burden, Clotur, Espen Lauritzen, Function, Javier Bähr, Keikari, Landwehr & Fleer, Oscar Mulero, Peter Van Hoesen, Surgeon, Thomas Hessler, Vith. A long list of artists that contribute to our scene, familiar names including rising talents and true techno legends. Era Novum’s sound oscillates between of variety of styles, a wide musical spectrum varying from ambient, deep, hypnotic to raw straightforward techno tracks. 15 transcendent and effective cuts with a different approach in mind making this compilation a truly musical experience. Era Novum, a latin name meant new area after the chaos wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, we are on the cusp of a new era.” 

As stated above the Era Novum features works from both Function and Peter Van Hoesen. Function presents the finely detailed workout ‘Meridian’ which fuses soaring pads, bubbling synthesis and four to the floor rhythms resulting in a mediative course into the techno realm. Peter Van Hoesen’s addition ‘Birds on the Head of a Saint’ is a peak time excursion which is a further reflection of his warehouse focussed outings on his Center 91 imprint – punching rhythms, wild sequences and unpredictable at every movement. See below!

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