GiGi FM NTS Show

Cancer New Moon Eclipse…

Last year GiGi FM began a new monthly show on London’s NTS Radio. The French/Italian force to be reckoned has brought her inter-dimensional techno and rhythm-based textures to the East-London based studio on a monthly basis ever since. Her latest show, Cancer New Moon Eclipse, is guided by the only time of year we see two moons in the same sign. 

For this show, I treated it as my own therapy.

These times have been difficult and at times dark. Allowing thoughts and energies to reach you deeply is important to understand and be at peace with our innerselves.

I hope you enjoy the journey and get to heal deeply together.

💙 GiGi”

The hour-long show is a freeform affair moving gracefully through ambient, electronica, noise and soundtracks. Expect works by Bambounou, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Burnt Friedman, and more. 

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