Marco Shuttle & Peter Van Hoesen in_vurt compilation

The Berlin and Seoul communities come together across this huge compilation.

Berlin-based record label Arc­ing Seas have assem­bled a star-stud­ded com­pi­la­tion to show their sup­port for the Seoul based club vurt. 

Vurt holds a very dear place in our hearts and the own­ers are like fam­i­ly, so when we heard how they were strug­gling due to the polit­i­cal sit­u­a­tion threat­en­ing Seoul’s night-life, we want­ed to find a way to help. They have received no finan­cial or leg­isla­tive assis­tance from the gov­ern­ment — elec­tron­ic music cul­ture in South Korea needs our community’s support!

This is a col­lec­tion of artists who have played at vurt, and its extend­ed fam­i­ly. We have gath­ered 28 tracks span­ning the full spec­trum of left­field, under­ground tech­no and exper­i­men­tal elec­tron­ics, from fig­ure­heads of the scene, to bright new tal­ents, includ­ing many South Kore­an Producers.” 

Amongst the 28 tracks are works from both Mar­co Shut­tle & Peter Van Hoe­sen. The Eerie label boss presents Nepher­ti­ti’ which forges har­row­ing cin­e­mat­ic pads with speck­led fea­tures and pun­ish­ing drum hits. Van Hoe­sen’s cut Fur­ther Move­ments Into Unknown Ter­ri­to­ries’ is an explo­ration into raw syn­the­sis main­ly fol­low­ing the lead of one heav­i­ly processed razor-sharp sequence. See below. 

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