Orpheu The Wizard launches 'Wake Dream'

The next chapter for Orpheu The Wizard.

Some might say its been a long time coming, but as they say, good things come to those who wait…The Amsterdam born and bred Orpheu The Wizard launches a new label to once again capture your imagination. Premiered by Ransome Note the inaugural release on ‘Wake Dream’ comes in the form of three untitled works by the Amsterdam/Tallinn-based Ruutu Poiss.

Here are some words that accompany the release…

Eyes wide, fixated on the ceiling, she tried to keep herself from drifting off, pinching herself each time she felt her eyes droop. For the past few weeks the same thoughts had been creeping into her dreams, turning them into dark twisted nightmares that felt inescapable. Her solution was to stay awake and avoid the inevitable, but there was only so long she could force her eyes to stay open.” 

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