Palms Trax Club on Club Quarantäne

Listen back to the recording of Palms Trax at the latest edition of Club Quarantäne.

In the wake of COVID-19, Resident Advisor formed an online clubbing experience to keep the electronic music community united and fans and artists engaged during what has played out to be very uncertain times. Titled ‘Club Quarantäne’ they created a series of 36-hour virtual raves starting on a Friday evening and drawing to a close by Sunday afternoon. For their third edition, they invited a selection of their current favourite artists and left the closing slot in the safe hands of Palms Trax

Following on from 24 prior performances the English selector opted to play from the heavier side of his arsenal. Over the course of the 2.5hr excursion, this found him fusing club focused house bombs with classic new beat, juicy acid lines into fist-pumping rave bangers and razor-sharp electronics alongside a number of obscure rarities….don’t be mistaken though, it still oozes that undeniable Palms Trax signature touch. 

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