Ratsnake - Home album

Another Ratsnake instalment from Gesloten Cirkel

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with Gesloten Cirkel and his outings under his Ratsnake alias over the last several months you’ve been missing out! The enigmatic producer has been taking full advantage of Bandcamp’s waived fees days dropping serious heat on every occasion. First came the ‘You did itEP, followed by ‘ПЛЕДЖЕ’, ‘Acidophile’ and his latest one ‘Home’ - an eight track album. 

1.  Catsnake Home
2. That’s what I meant
3. The Distance
4. Manipulate the Body
5. M&R Forever
6. Abysssnake
8. Last Call

Compiled of eight analog fuelled tracks the album has many different offerings. Cuts such as ‘Catsnake Home’ and ‘M&R Forever’ are obscure electronic experiments, while tracks like ‘The Distance’ and ‘Manipulate the Body’ showcase very palpable Ghetto House influences. ‘That’s what I meant’, ‘Abysssnake’, ‘NEFM’ and ‘Last Call’ all run with similar themes blurring lines between techno and the original sound of hardcore. Get stuck in below. 

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