SØS Gunver Ryberg on Rinse FM

Music and conversations.

Hot off the heels of her lat­est release, the five-track EP AD 93’ on Whities, SØS Gun­ver Ryberg deliv­ers an insight­ful inter­view + mix on Rinse FM France. Appear­ing as a guest on the Tri Sélec­tif show the two-hour affair is focused around the Dan­ish mul­ti­fac­eted artist in the for­mer half and han­dled by show host Roman Delore in the latter. 

After a short intro­duc­tion to the show, which fea­tures an open mono­logue fol­lowed by the last cut on AD 93’, Ryberg starts off with the fol­low­ing quote… The sun is new every day” which she explains was used as the basis for the cov­er art of the release. The show unfolds in sim­i­lar fash­ion from here, they lis­ten to a track select­ed by Ryberg then con­tin­ue their con­ver­sa­tion in a repeat­ed loop. The dis­cus­sions dig deep into Ryberg’s work, her process­es, ethos on music, and more. Tune in below. 

In oth­er news, SØS Gun­ver Ryberg com­posed the orig­i­nal sound­track for the french movie Exit which is out in cin­e­mas now. More on that here

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