San Soda Festimi podcast

Trav­el to every exot­ic cor­ner of San Sodas musi­cal dimension. 

San Soda is known in under­ground music cir­cles as a real record col­lec­tor. It shows in his pre­dictably unpre­dictable DJ sets, which are made up of care­ful­ly cho­sen gems unearthed after years of crate dig­ging around the world. These acco­lades have been found­ed on dance­floors across Europe and beyond always mak­ing him a sought out DJ by organ­i­sa­tions such as the Ams­ter­dam based out­fit Fes­ti­mi. Hav­ing made long-last­ing impres­sions at their 3‑year anniver­sary event, see here, Fes­ti­mi felt it was about time to wel­come San Soda onto their pod­cast series. 

Does it get any bet­ter than this? 85 min­utes of pure joy. San Sodas dis­co dimen­sion is a world­ly voy­age that’s undoubt­ed­ly worth the trip. This makes us remem­ber our ear­ly days when we start­ed Fes­ti­mi with the most inno­cent inten­tions to just make peo­ple feel good on a Sun­day. Did that change? Not when San Soda vis­its us, that’s for sure.” 

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