San Soda Festimi podcast

Travel to every exotic corner of San Soda’s musical dimension. 

San Soda is known in underground music circles as a real record collector. It shows in his predictably unpredictable DJ sets, which are made up of carefully chosen gems unearthed after years of crate digging around the world. These accolades have been founded on dancefloors across Europe and beyond always making him a sought out DJ by organisations such as the Amsterdam based outfit Festimi. Having made long-lasting impressions at their 3-year anniversary event, see here, Festimi felt it was about time to welcome San Soda onto their podcast series. 

Does it get any better than this? 85 minutes of pure joy. San Soda’s disco dimension is a worldly voyage that’s undoubtedly worth the trip. This makes us remember our early days when we started Festimi with the most innocent intentions to just make people feel good on a Sunday. Did that change? Not when San Soda visits us, that’s for sure.” 

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