Tammo Hesselink Rosa podcast

From Amsterdam to Melbourne.

Hot off the heels of his latest EP, four works that further refines his sound from last year’s summer sampler (see here), Tammo Hesselink is back serving up more helpings of rhythm-based esoterica. In this affair, he lends a hand to the Australian based record label, Rosa, hailing out of the Victoria state region. Here, Tammo joins them on their podcast series handling the sixth instalment with diligent care. 

Over the course of 90 minutes Tammo guides you through a diverse assortment of potent electronics. Enchanted compositions made up of hypnotic synthesis or tribal percussion meet you in the opening passages but at the moment he has you bewitched he deploys deep rhythm workouts and engulfing basslines to keep your attention. As the outing reaches the hour mark Tammo turns to peak hour material to see you through to the final destination. Tune in below. 

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