Woody92 'Neon Cleptu' 006

Friday nights on LYL Radio with the meditative maestro.

Woody92 is back with his bimes­tri­al pro­gramme air­ing on the LYL Radio. Through these trans­mis­sions, he demon­strates his appre­ci­a­tion and abil­i­ty in the med­i­ta­tive, trib­al, tran­scen­den­tal and trippy. 

The hard­est of spir­its can have the soft­est of minds. Lay­ers of mind­less poly­mor­phism is the basis of our existence.” 

As we have grown to expect from these affairs they find Woody chan­nelling both rit­u­al­is­tic and spir­i­tu­al tones and tex­tures. What starts as sweep­ing ambi­ence tran­scends into a melt­ing pot of sludgy bro­ken syn­the­sis. Unpre­dictable at every cor­ner the show fea­tures seg­ments of noise, min­i­mal­ism and drone but equal­ly has its pas­sages of chug­ging rhythms, sparse hits and alien motifs. 

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