60 sounds w/ Peter Van Hoesen & Wata Igarashi

A new project led by PVH

At the start of August, Peter Van Hoesen launched a brand new sound design platform for electronic music producers.

60 Sounds provides access to the talents of highly respected artists by offering curated sample and preset libraries. Every Monday for the next five weeks we will be releasing an exclusive library as part of the launch campaign.” 

The first library titled Prismatica was produced by the Belgian tastemaker himself. It features 60 brand new loops, produced with the mighty DPO eurorack oscillator by Make Noise. Next in line was Wata Igarashi with his ‘Amber Room: 60 TB-303 Loops’ who had the following words to say about his sample pack; “I love 303 and had so much fun making lots of Basslines. That groove, that filter, that sound!!”

See, here

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