60 sounds w/ Peter Van Hoesen & Wata Igarashi

A new project led by PVH

At the start of August, Peter Van Hoe­sen launched a brand new sound design plat­form for elec­tron­ic music producers.

60 Sounds pro­vides access to the tal­ents of high­ly respect­ed artists by offer­ing curat­ed sam­ple and pre­set libraries. Every Mon­day for the next five weeks we will be releas­ing an exclu­sive library as part of the launch campaign.” 

The first library titled Pris­mat­i­ca was pro­duced by the Bel­gian tastemak­er him­self. It fea­tures 60 brand new loops, pro­duced with the mighty DPO euro­rack oscil­la­tor by Make Noise. Next in line was Wata Igarashi with his Amber Room: 60 TB-303 Loops’ who had the fol­low­ing words to say about his sam­ple pack; I love 303 and had so much fun mak­ing lots of Basslines. That groove, that fil­ter, that sound!!“

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