Identified Patient - Nerve Deposit EP

Just what the doc­tor ordered…

Iden­ti­fied Patient returns to Dek­man­tel’s UFO series with five sig­na­ture tracks. This fol­lows on from his 2019 appear­ance on the label with Sig­nals In Snakes’.

1. Low Kust
2. Sec­re­tary 
3. Lust Moun­tain 
4. Visu­al­ize It
5. Ter­ri­to­ry Doubt 

The open­ing Low Kust’ is the most fer­al and jagged tune of the Iden­ti­fied Patient cat­a­logue to date, car­ry­ing a cer­tain amount of dub­step dis­obe­di­ence, with a cat-and-mouse chase for the lis­ten­er to stay on tem­po. The echoes of break­beat become loud­er on Sec­re­tary,” which is rem­i­nis­cent of the head-trip jungle/​hardcore of Eat Life and A Guy Called Ger­ald. Lust Moun­tain’ rounds off the A‑side with a con­stant­ly bub­bling laboratory’s worth of stop-start drum pro­gram­ming, bleep synths and rak­ing tex­tures. On the flip, Visu­al­ize It’ is a more direct gal­lop of fraz­zled 4am elec­tro, but here the sub­tle pro­gres­sions in Iden­ti­fied Patients sound are evi­dent. We get a final dose of this on Ter­ri­to­ry Doubt’, a slab of throb­bing indus­tri­al sleaze with wob­bling effects that grow loud­er with each rhyth­mic pause. Even as the EP cools off, it still stalks shad­owy hall­ways with pur­pose, a reminder of the sat­is­fy­ing com­plex­i­ties of Iden­ti­fied Patients upgrade.” 

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