Identified Patient - Nerve Deposit EP

Just what the doctor ordered…

Identified Patient returns to Dekmantel’s UFO series with five signature tracks. This follows on from his 2019 appearance on the label with ‘Signals In Snakes’.

1. Low Kust
2. Secretary 
3. Lust Mountain 
4. Visualize It
5. Territory Doubt 

The opening ‘Low Kust’ is the most feral and jagged tune of the Identified Patient catalogue to date, carrying a certain amount of dubstep disobedience, with a cat-and-mouse chase for the listener to stay on tempo. The echoes of breakbeat become louder on “Secretary,” which is reminiscent of the head-trip jungle/hardcore of Eat Life and A Guy Called Gerald. ‘Lust Mountain’ rounds off the A-side with a constantly bubbling laboratory’s worth of stop-start drum programming, bleep synths and raking textures. On the flip, ‘Visualize It’ is a more direct gallop of frazzled 4am electro, but here the subtle progressions in Identified Patient’s sound are evident. We get a final dose of this on ‘Territory Doubt’, a slab of throbbing industrial sleaze with wobbling effects that grow louder with each rhythmic pause. Even as the EP cools off, it still stalks shadowy hallways with purpose, a reminder of the satisfying complexities of Identified Patient’s upgrade.” 

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