KI/KI Bassiani podcast

If the memory of marathon warehouse nights feels a little distant, Bassiani Podcast 76 might be just what you were looking for.”

Handling the latest edition of the Bassiani invites series is the fast-rising Amsterdam based KI/KI. Having made lasting impressions at the Georgian based club with two sets on the same weekend earlier this year, lasting 17 hours combined, it seemed like a perfect fit to find her on their beloved podcast series. 

I was invited to make a mix for one of my favorite clubs in the world.

Containing a lot of leftover quarantine energy and often listened tracks during this period. Thx for the invitation, really enjoyed recording this mix.”

Playing true to the reputation of the club KI/KI delivers a pounding sonic assault which perfectly depicts the atmosphere of the legendary space. ‘This instalment is a seamless dose of bouncy, transcendent rave’ are the words Bassiani use to describes the mix – which seems rather fitting. Tune in below. 

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