Neel INVEINS podcast

A masterful assortment of electronic music. 

Spazio Disponibile co-founder Neel delivers the 70th instalment of the INVEINS podcast series. INVEINS is a podcast series born in Milan in 2015 and considers itself to be ‘a shielded territory where to nest’. 

Over the course of the hour-long affair, Neel guides us through a sonic journey of many offerings. Following some short cinematic passages in the opening segments, he then moves onto a melting pot of deep, heady techno works which focus more on sonic details than pounding rhythms. In the latter half of the excursion, Neel turns to dancefloor focussed material – the type of sounds you expect to hear from him in the early hours in dimly lit spaces. Drawing the outing to a close he drops tempo seeing you out with some horizontally inclined selections. Tune in below. 

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