RA Mix Of The Day: Sassy J

Resident Advisor highlighted the Bern selector's Music From Memory mix in their MOTD series.

Serv­ing up the 18th instal­ment on the Music From Mem­o­ry pod­cast series is the one and only Sassy J. Here she locks you into a sum­mer sound­track gen­tly pac­ing through an array of soul, Brazil­ian and house based cuts…

In her own words, it’s best to lis­ten to: On a sweet sum­mer morn­ing, on a hot sum­mer day, on a lush sum­mer evening. In a room with open win­dows and a good sound sys­tem drink­ing an ice-cold lemon­ade with big ice cubes, med­i­tat­ing, origa­mi fold­ing, doing a trop­i­cal island puz­zle, draw­ing, writ­ing a poem or a let­ter, free dance impro­vi­sa­tions… On your favorite head­phones out­side: lay­ing on the grass in the sun, bounc­ing in a ham­mock, relax­ing by the riv­er or the sea, eat­ing a coconut rasp­ber­ry gin­ger ice cream, dri­ving through the coun­try­side, going on a long walk with a big hat…“

See here, or lis­ten below. 

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