RA Mix Of The Day: Sassy J

Resident Advisor highlighted the Bern selector’s Music From Memory mix in their MOTD series. 

Serving up the 18th instalment on the Music From Memory podcast series is the one and only Sassy J. Here she locks you into a summer soundtrack gently pacing through an array of soul, Brazilian and house based cuts…

In her own words, it’s best to listen to: “On a sweet summer morning, on a hot summer day, on a lush summer evening. In a room with open windows and a good sound system drinking an ice-cold lemonade with big ice cubes, meditating, origami folding, doing a tropical island puzzle, drawing, writing a poem or a letter, free dance improvisations… On your favorite headphones outside: laying on the grass in the sun, bouncing in a hammock, relaxing by the river or the sea, eating a coconut raspberry ginger ice cream, driving through the countryside, going on a long walk with a big hat…”

See here, or listen below. 

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