Ron Morelli - Betting On Death EP

The L.I.E.S. bossman returns to Hospital Productions. 

Ron Morelli’s experimental works have become a staple in the Hospital Productions catalogue in the last ten years. This includes the albums: SpitPeriscope BluesA Gathering Together and Disappearer – and not to forget 2013’s Backpages EP. And now, 2020 sees Morelli return to the treasured New York-based label with a four-track EP

1. Is The Stock Market Open On Good Friday?
2. Rocket Catch n’ BoB
3. Inverse Head And Shoulders
4. But The Rumor, Sell The News

further on from his last lp of abstract electronics ‘man walks the earth’, Morelli continues with patient, long form, oppressive analog synth and digital concrete apocalyptic large scale isolation breathing units filled with delivery trucks and long queues. ‘betting on death’ deals with the world of day trading flip stocks and profiteering from impending financial psychosis. as doors continue to close to the cadence of the ticker tape as the money keeps being printed… adapt for economic survival with this hi-risk ambient-electronics epic for profiteers foreshadowing inflation.”

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