SØS Gunver Ryberg Music Video

The Danish artist shares video for ‘Doing our best is no longer good enough’.

Ear­li­er this year SØS Gun­ver Ryberg released her lat­est EP the sun is new every day’ on AD93. The five exhaust­ing tech­no works were inspired by; The con­nec­tion between destruc­tion and cre­ation. Cre­ation in dif­fer­ent shapes. Life’s com­plex­i­ty and find­ing a devo­tion to the Flux. Some tracks are begin­ning to trans­mit new visions.… Sev­er­al months on from the release, Strøm Fes­ti­val and the Dan­ish Art Coun­cil com­mis­sioned a music video for the EPs bonus cut Doing our best is no longer good enough’.

The track­’s pan­icked urgency extends into its video, a Weird­core-style elec­tron­ic amal­gam from Push 1 stop’s Cadie Des­bi­ens-Desmeules. The video depicts a globe, which dis­in­te­grates to reveal its core flick­er­ing like a dying flash­light. It con­tin­ues to cen­tre on var­i­ous dis­so­lu­tions and dis­in­te­gra­tions of this globe, iter­at­ing and reit­er­at­ing the world’s final dying gasps.” Immerse your­self below. 

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