SØS Gunver Ryberg Music Video

The Danish artist shares video for ‘Doing our best is no longer good enough’.

Earlier this year SØS Gunver Ryberg released her latest EP ‘the sun is new every day’ on AD93. The five exhausting techno works were inspired by; The connection between destruction and creation. Creation in different shapes. Life’s complexity and finding a devotion to the Flux. Some tracks are beginning to transmit new visions…. Several months on from the release, Strøm Festival and the Danish Art Council commissioned a music video for the EPs bonus cut ‘Doing our best is no longer good enough’.

The track’s panicked urgency extends into its video, a Weirdcore-style electronic amalgam from Push 1 stop’s Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules. The video depicts a globe, which disintegrates to reveal its core flickering like a dying flashlight. It continues to centre on various dissolutions and disintegrations of this globe, iterating and reiterating the world’s final dying gasps.” Immerse yourself below. 

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