Wa Wu We - 108 Dimensions of Green LP

A new album by Sebastian Mullaert under his Wa Wu We moniker.

Wa Wu We first appeared in the pub­lic domain in 2014 with a three-track EP of deep and atmos­pher­ic tech­no works. Since then Mul­laert has dived in and out of the project, over the suc­ceed­ing years, releas­ing a bevvy of music on labels such as Kon­tra-Musik, Kimochi and Hyp­nus Records to name a few. For his sec­ond out­ing under the alias this year, fol­low­ing a split with Neel and Tobias, Mul­laert presents a sev­en-track full length titled 108 Dimen­sions of Green’. 

1. The Grip of the Frost Release Itself 
2. With­in Light and Shad­ows
3. Clar­i­ty Is Born As We Dis­solve
4. Opens the Door
5. Where Col­ors are the Birds 
6. The Spot­less Mind
7. 108 Dimen­sions of Green (Album Mix)

This album is an hon­or­ing to nature and to the impor­tance of danc­ing with the trees and under the skies. 108 dimen­sions of Green is being released on the next full moon, august 3rd, on Hyp­nus Records.

Do as my moth­er and take off your shoes and dance in the moss the next time the moon is full and round. Dance for the earth, dance for the moon, dance for human­i­ty and dance for your­self. Dance like no-one is watch­ing, dance as you wish. Become the dance and let the dance flow out into your life.


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