Wa Wu We - 108 Dimensions of Green LP

A new album by Sebastian Mullaert under his Wa Wu We moniker. 

Wa Wu We first appeared in the public domain in 2014 with a three-track EP of deep and atmospheric techno works. Since then Mullaert has dived in and out of the project, over the succeeding years, releasing a bevvy of music on labels such as Kontra-Musik, Kimochi and Hypnus Records to name a few. For his second outing under the alias this year, following a split with Neel and Tobias, Mullaert presents a seven-track full length titled ‘108 Dimensions of Green’. 

1. The Grip of the Frost Release Itself 
2. Within Light and Shadows
3. Clarity Is Born As We Dissolve
4. Opens the Door
5. Where Colors are the Birds 
6. The Spotless Mind
7. 108 Dimensions of Green (Album Mix)

This album is an honoring to nature and to the importance of dancing with the trees and under the skies. 108 dimensions of Green is being released on the next full moon, august 3rd, on Hypnus Records.

Do as my mother and take off your shoes and dance in the moss the next time the moon is full and round. Dance for the earth, dance for the moon, dance for humanity and dance for yourself. Dance like no-one is watching, dance as you wish. Become the dance and let the dance flow out into your life.


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